First Steps

Visiting the front page of the "Törökbálint anno..." catalogue,  you can find the collection open. The whole collection can be flipped through and filtered using the list on the left side.

Quick search appears in the top right corner, marked with the magnifying glass icon. It provides search possibility in all search fields and the full text of the documents at the same time. Search starts when click on the icon.

Search field is located under the header and provides search possibility in one selected search item at a time. You can select the search criteria on the right side of the field. The easiest way to browse the collection is using "Full text" item. The unknown part of
the keyword can be replaced by * (more characters) and ? (one character) wildcard characters.

The simplest way to begin a new search is a click on the header logo.

The result of the search appears in the picture gallery. Clicking an item of the gallery results the details of the item. You can download the pictures and/or the documents their original size and content.

For more information please refer to the Help functions of the catalogue program!

Click hier to start the program!